Monthly Archives: October 2016

Field Trips! 

Today we went on a field trip to LegoLand. First off let me tell you if you haven’t been to LegoLand it is a must. Your kids will have fun and so will you. There isn’t any down side to it. You are spending about the same amount there as you would be at Disney. It was truly amazing. 

So, as I said before we went on a field trip to LegoLand. We had a blast. It was fun for the whole family. By the time we got to the vehicle my girls were passed out before we even got on the interstate. 

Now for the part that drove me up a wall. I understand that kids are crazy and get extremely excited when at a theme park that pretty much revolves around them. I’m all for it, but you are still the parent. It is your job as the parent to make sure that they are following the rules, behaving and being respectful to others around them. That means that you don’t allow them to climb on things that says NO CLIMBING ON THE LEGOS! Please read the sign that is right in front of your face. Also do not allow your children to skip others while waiting in line. Do not allow them to push other people without saying sorry. Don’t be rude. You as the parent are teaching your children how to behave. So, please set the example. 

Now I am not saying that my girls were perfect little angels today because they were not. Though I did not allow them to get away with climbing on the legos. I did not let them skip others in line. I most definitely made them apologize for pushing others, walking in front of somebody, or just plan out being rude. I made the say thank you to those that helped them. Those who allowed them on the rides. It is called manners and I make my girls use them even when we are in a theme park just as I would if we were at home or in a restaurant. 

We have punishments. Yes, I may swat my girls on their butts, but mostly I will just not allow them to do what they want. Such ride a certain ride, go on a field trip, play with a friend , etc. There are so many options out there for punishments. Please be the parent and teach your children. 

Sorry, that this was a rant, however I seen more of this today and it just plain out upset me. I could not believe that this is what is happening. Parents wonder why their children do not listen and this is why. You don’t make them. 

This is my favorite picture of the day! Daddy Daughter Moments! They are what I live for! Just wanted to share an awesome moment of the day!