Monthly Archives: August 2016


I am a mom of two. My husband works 12:00am-8:00am. I am currently trying to talk to him about me going to work from 7:00am-3:30pm. He doesn’t seem like he is to much up for the idea. Where I am all about it. He can sleep while I am at work. I am able to bring the girls with me. I can tend to them while I work. Also do both of their school work. Come home, make dinner, clean the house, tend to laundry and still get to see him. I see it as best of both worlds. I also see where he is coming from. He doesn’t sleep really well while I am not home. He also doesn’t want me to stress, but I don’t think he sees where I am coming from on the whole thing. I know that it isn’t a lot of money, but it is a little extra. Even if it goes for the girls extra curricular actives and I see it as less stress on him. We just went a weekend vacation and he is stressing about how much we spent. I could help with that a little. At least I think I can. A couple hundred dollars is more then what we had. I just want to be able to help him out with some of the money. It will also get me out of the house for a couple of hours and he can sleep without the girls waking him up all the time. I am sure that it will be an adjustment, but I think it is something that we can do. He is also suppose to be going to day shift at the beginning of the year so, it wouldn’t be for very long. I can also come home and take a nap with him before he goes to work.


Thanks for listening to my little vent of things. Hope that you have a good night/day.