Monthly Archives: January 2016

One of those weeks! 

Ever had one of those weeks that everything is going wrong and you can’t seem to get your feelings under wrap? I haven’t had one of those weeks since my eldest was born.. This week has been a very hard week! I can’t seem to stop crying.. I feel as if my world has come crashing down and to top it all off I feel like I am failing as a mom.. I don’t seem to know where I start and where I end anymore! I constantly feel like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off.. Some days it takes everything I have in order to get out of bed and do what I’ve got to do.. I do though.. I have never really had to understand my feelings.. I am learning though so that I can help my daughters.. I am hoping that next week is better.. I aim everyday for a good day.. I wake up and try for a positive and good.. Some days seem harder then others..