Monthly Archives: May 2014

Four year old

My four year old went outside so she could play in the water. Which is fine. Until she came in and tells me that the water hose is broken. I tell her it isn’t broken and she argues with me and tells me it is broken and it disappeared.



Mornings at my house normally start out with my kids bringing out their blankets and crawling up on the couches till they tell me they want breakfast. Then while they eat I make their beds and get ready to start our day.

Raining and little kids!

It is raining out. Second day in a row. My kids are tired of being inside and want to be out playing. Have pretty much done everything that they can do. They are getting restless. Want to go outside. They don’t understand that they can’t go out and play when it is thundering and lightning. Hopefully soon they will be able to go and play.


This weekend was extremely busy! I’m not complaining. It was full of laughter and awesome memories.

Friday, I had a yard full of kids. Playing in the water hose. Jumping on the trampoline. Playing tag and just having an awesome time.

Saturday, went to the flea market. Lunch, park, trails, wal-mart and then ended the day in the pool. I had seven kids in my truck. Then my husband got off and got right in the pool with them. They had a blast. The oldest was 15 and the youngest was 2.

Sunday, Mother’s Day. Went to my parents to hang out. Ended up going to wal-mart got stuck in the storm. Got extremely soaked. Waited for my husband to get off work went to dinner and then home to have some adult time.

Can’t wait to do it all again this weekend. Might add some extra stuff in there. Summer vacation isn’t far off might as well start it now.

Mother’s Day

I get shown everyday how important I am to my girls and my wonderful husband. They show me how crazy they are about me. I feel that Mother’s Day is for the ones who don’t get to show their love to their baby’s. Who don’t get to hold them everyday. To the people who don’t get to tell their Mother’s how much they love them and show them that they are important. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommy’s out there. You are each extremely special in your own way. A special Mother’s Day to those who don’t get to hold their baby’s. Who have lost them before they even got to meet them. You are the strongest mom’s out there. I hope that y’all have a wonderful day!

The joys of being a mom!

I enjoy being a mom. Anybody can tell you that, but some days my four year old can push my buttons. Ever have an argument with a four year old? Sometimes I don’t even know what I am arguing with her about. Just had a five minute argument about a swim suit. 

Four year old: I don’t want to wear that one. 

Me: why? There is nothing wrong with that one. 

Four year old: it is still wet from yesterday. 

Me: fine . Then where your other one. 

Four year old: I found this one.

It went on like that for another few minutes.